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Winter Care Packages
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How It Works

Have a student at one of America’s most academically rigorous institutions during its coldest time of the year? Warm their spirits with a care package from a loved one!

You Order

Utilizing our convenient, online services, you simply build and order your own custom care package option and specify to us the lucky recipient’s name and dormitory.

We Deliver

With our capable team of 50 UChicago students, we purchase, package, and hand deliver your selected items to your student’s specified dormitory. We hand package each of the items 8th through 9th week then deliver them throughout 10th week (just a few days before their finals!).

They Enjoy

After receiving an email from their dormitory’s staff that their care package has arrived, your student will be able to conveniently pick up and enjoy your small bundle of love.


Unfortunately, we are no longer accepting UChicago Winter Care Package orders. We only accept orders for packages 1st through 7th week of the UChicago winter quarter. If you believe this to be a mistake, please contact us!

Sorry Snowman

Our amazing team

The people responsible for delivering your love.

Shorey House

Shorey House

The House

Lives in International House

Named after esteemed former UChicago Professor Paul Shorey, Shorey House has been home to undergraduates at the College since 1960. Its residents enjoy a strong culture of Broomball, quarterly Assassins games, Sports Frolic, and Smash tournaments, among many other quirky traditions. The Shorey House Council ensures that these traditions live on and that each Shorey resident finds a home here.



The Team

Lives in Shorey House
  • Care Packagers & Delivery Squad
  • Items Acquisition Team

Currently 60 students strong, we’re the ones who make the magic happen. As fellow students at the University of Chicago, we know just how much a care package can mean during the strenuous Winter Quarter. More than just a bundle of delicious, well-needed treats, it’s a small token of your love and support. We’ll do our best to create and deliver your care package.

Aware Deshmukh

Aware Deshmukh


Lives in Shorey House
  • Primary Student Contact

Will most likely be the one responding when you Contact Us.

Chris Choy

Chris Choy


  • Lead Website Developer

Please let me know if you find any weird bugs with this website! You can reach me at

All proceeds from this operation go to the Shorey House Council; an entity of Shorey House affiliated with the University of Chicago.

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